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At any time after I meet new people and inform them the establish of my blog, they are saying, oh, you need to travel moderately fairly a bit.” Which I suppose I do travel more than many individuals, but that is not the aim. Ephesus Journey and Excursions is a regular member of the DOT (Division of Tourism), TCP (Tourism Congress of the Philippines), FCCP (Overseas Chamber Council of the Philippines), founding member of the ICCP (Israel Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines) and in addition a day by day member of of PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Affiliation) Philippine chapter.

Does your brand have a stunning logo? Well, why not flaunt it across your About Us page? This page design for Image Mechanics does just that by using a very largely scaled logo right towards the top of the page. Not only does this big and bold brand mark help familiarize people with your brand, but it also creates a striking focal point for the design as a whole.

From strategy to execution, we design and implement complete business processes and solutions. Microsoft and Azure Active Directory partner with Box to transform the way people and companies work with their most important content. The contrast between the sharper sans serifs and the rougher sketches in this example creates a unique effect, and constructs the brand as one that is a master of both analogue and digital disciplines. Plus, the use of digital typefaces ensures that the written content will be legible to just about anyone, which is always a positive thing.

Team members (1) operate with a high degree of interdependence , (2) share authority and responsibility for self-management , (3) are accountable for the collective performance , and (4) work toward a common goal and shared rewards(s). A team becomes more than just a collection of people when a strong sense of mutual commitment creates synergy , thus generating performance greater than the sum of the performance of its individual members.