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Services & Solutions,Resources,About Us,TeamWith LM Information Delivery, it’s easy and cost-effective to acquire all the print, electronic and digital content your organisation needs. The analysis by the economists echoes some of what Ross told me. They found that players do seem to learn” to create chemistry—intangible contributions to team success tend to rise with age and, for the most part, only become appreciable in players’ mid-to-late 30s, which is very late in a player’s career. (Good-chemistry players may also just stick around the league longer.) In many cases, the economists found, stars make the largest intangible contributions, just as they make the largest tangible ones—Mike Trout, the best current player by performance metrics, is also the best by raw chemistry rating. By contrast, many clubhouse cancers”—players who worsen a team’s chemistry—began their career with seeming star potential, but never really panned out.

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Whatever insights into chemistry the study of baseball eventually enables, their application to the game may be tricky. Understanding chemistry is an interesting philosophical problem; creating it is a practical one. Research has no value if players (or, for that matter, other types of workers) won’t buy into … Read the rest